Friday, December 12, 2008

A Homemade Christmas

Ok, so I think I'm pretty safe posting on here, seeing since 2 people read this blog and neither of them are family.
I'm stoked about this Christmas. I'm giving out pretty humble presents to my side of the family, but the majority of everything I am giving out was either purchased on etsy or it is something that I am making with my own two hands, and most of it is not jewelry. In fact I think I'm going to wear out my sewing machine this week!
Making presents is hard, fun, exciting and tiring. But what says "you're important to me" more than a gift made just for the recipient? I mean, a lot of what I'm making could be described as "cheap" or "cheesy", but I prefer to think of the presents I'm making as "thoughtful". I hope to take pictures of what I've done and post them up here after Christmas. In the meantime, enjoy your holidays!
Merry Christmas!

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Katidids said...

Years ago as a young military family we could not afford to give anything but handmade gifts. Now if I give a family member a store bought gift they are insulted! The tutu & lion WILL be remembered with love.