Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas 2008 Recap

I realize that I might be a day late and a dollar short with this entry, but I look at it more like extending some Christmas cheer a little longer into this winter.
I got so caught up in preparing for Christmas that I didn't take all the pictures that I intended or promised to. I made 4 very different little plushies for Christmas and only managed to get a picture of one, my very first attempt. Yep, this lion's arms and legs are lopsided and he's just a little wierd looking, but my nephew is just kooky enough to appreciate him. The superhero dog plushie that I gave to his older brother was pronounced a "doll" and thrown back into the box with a "no thank you". Well, at least the kid is honest. :)

My niece was pleased with the little tutu I made for her, she put it on immmediately and wore it for the rest of the present opening. The tutu is not quite as cute as she is, I have to say.

I wanted to capture the, um, warmth and intimacy of having 20+ people in one room. We've gotten quite good at lining the walls of my parents living room. We've also gotten rather good at clearing out as soon as all the presents are opened. Even on a cold Wisconsin winter day, that many people in one room quickly makes for a more than comfortable temperature.
The one other great highlight of this Christmas adventure was the flu, which was great fun had by all. Trips were postponed, events were canceled, and we all eventually survived, some of us a little thinner than we started.
When DH and I returned to Las Vegas we were given yet another gift, this one more welcome than the flu. We learned that we are going to be moving to a different Air Force base at the end of March, this time we will be back in the Midwest and much closer to my family (and marginally closer to his. I am looking forward to missing the upcoming Las Vegas summer!

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