Sunday, February 8, 2009


Ah, the joys of being a military wife! We are moving in 6 short weeks! I have officially dropped out of school, with the plan to go back as soon as possible, and the reality of packing everything up and hitting the road is settling in.
The Air Force has a term for the paperwork hoops that they make an airman jump through when changing bases. It's called outprocessing, and it has begun for my husband. I have begun my own form of outprocessing also, starting with withdrawing from school.
One thing that is essential for me whenever I move is organization. I have decided that now that I am without the responsibility of school it is time to temporarily reorganize my other responsibilities. One thing that I will be doing for the next month and a half is putting my etsy store on cruise control. I won't be stocking anything new on the virtual shelves, and although the store will remain open, I will rarely be minding the store without an e-mail prompt.
I am looking forward to moving to our new location and setting up an actual craft room. I am planning to flood the shop at that time with new textile and jewelry designs. Until then, my primary duty will be to packing boxes and newspaper wrapping. I hope to see you in about 1600 miles!

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