Saturday, October 4, 2008

My blog, someone else's blog

I decided the other day that I was a little tired of my blog layout. I have tried and tried to change my blog by using free templates I've found on the web to no avail. I'm thisclose to paying someone to spiffy up this dang blog!
Here's a pretty blog on the interwebs, featuring my etsy shop.
After you read it, go check out America's Handmade Homefront's lovely shops on Hyena cart. There's some really cool stuff there!


Kimberly Otwaska said...

Now why oh why would you even consider paying somebody when you know a perfectly good web designer?

Are you still wanting to spiff things up? And is it that you couldn't find a template you liked -- or that you couldn't get them installed/working?

Kandyce P said...

no, I found a few that were better than what I had, but I couldn't install them at all, even while following tutorials. I mean, copying and pasting html code shouldn't be difficult, right? :)
I don't mind the black now, but if I had something better, I would definitely use it!