Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Handmade Soap = Heaven!

Etsy is a great place full of handmade treasures, but in my humble opinion, the greatest thing available on etsy is handmade soap. There are a ton of friendly and knowledgeable soapers on Etsy willing to answer your every question about soap. Search the forums for these people, and you might find you learn more about soap than you ever wanted to know!
Learning about handmade soap is great, but using handmade soap is an experience not to be missed. I have purchased soap from several soapers on etsy and I will never use commercially made soap again. I've never had sensitive or dry skin, so I never realized what I was missing until now.
I am currently using Cranberry Orange Soap from Swan Mountain Soaps available at Swan also makes other wonderful bath and body products and some seasonal jellies that are incredibly delicious! This is my second bar of soap from this shop, and I am a huge fan. When I get out of the shower, my skin doesn't feel tight or dry or oily, it simply feels clean and wonderful! The scent in the shower is delicious, and the lather is incredible!
I have been wanting to purchase some Alaskan beer soap from Swan Mountain for my husband, but he is proving to be a tough convert to handmade soap. I'm going to keep buying it for him, though. Eventually he will come to the dark side.

I did purchase this soap, Bay Rum, from the incredible soaper Dennis Anderson available at It smells incredible, and I can't wait for my husband's supply of body wash to run out so that he will actually use it.
Dennis has an incredible selection of soaps and other bath and body products available in his shop. If you are a lip balm addict, I recommend checking this shop out!
I highly recommend that you check out all the available soaps on etsy, ask questions and try different soaps. Eventually, you too will find soap nirvana.
And if you are on my Christmas list, you just might be getting some awesome handmade soap for Christmas, you never know.


Emily of Ella-Bear Bowtique said...

I totally agree. I just recently started buying handmade soap. I wasn't sure what all the hulla-baloo was about it until now. I'll never go back. And a lot of people on my Christmas list are getting it this year as well. I think it makes a great stocking stuffer!

Homemade Zen said...

Awesome post! I have to try some sometime!

MayRae said...

Great post. We've started using some of the handmade soaps in our house as well.

Ais' said...

Besides buying from etsy, do you ever try making your own soaps at home? It'll be quite fun.